In Home Dog Training Tucson

How important is your independence?

Did you know that your dog may qualify for training as a service dog or assistance dog? That’s right! Most dogs can be trained to offer assistance to mobility impaired or disabled persons regardless of breed. Depending on the level of help you need, your dog may be the helper dog you’ve been dreaming of. For someone with a disability, small repetitive tasks can be a daily grind. Something as simple as turning on or off the lights or standing up and sitting down can be frustrating without some form of assistance. Navigating up hill in a standard wheelchair or picking up dropped objects can mean the difference between having a bad day or a good one. With the aid of a service dog these everyday tasks become more joyful. You now have a wagging-tailed helper. This makes your life more comfortable and also enriches it.

Depending on your needs, almost any breed can make a good service dog. They just have to have the size and strength to perform the tasks you require of them. Things like fetching the phone or the mail do require the strength and size that stabilizing a person or pulling a wheelchair would require. We can help you determine your needs and whether your dog qualifies as an assistance dog.

If your dog passes the requirements for temperament, stability and intelligence your dog can be taught to perform tasks such as:

  • Picking up and retrieving dropped items

  • Opening and closing doors

  • Turning on and off lights

  • Getting the phone (bringing it to you not answering it!)

  • Fetching the mail

  • Heeling or walking next to a wheelchair or walker

  • Helping stabilize you when stand up or sit down

  • Alerting you to the door bell or phone

  • Even helping with laundry

Service dog training can be the most fun and rewarding training you will ever do with your dog. Your time training and conditioning your dog will create a bond and a genuine friendship with your dog that will last a life time.

Call Affordable Dog Training Tucson now or fill out the form on the left to schedule your in home Service Dog Training evaluation. We will help you determine what level of training you need and honestly evaluate your dog as a potential service dog. Get a helping paw today!